Case Studies

Case Studies of Intergenerational Wealth Clients 

All our case studies illustrate how our processes can optimally transfer a client's wealth to their next generation.  All cases are based on actual clients.  The names and some specific details have been removed to preserve their confidentiality.  

For each case we'll provide a synopsis, a client profile, their challenges, the process we took them through, and the outcome.  

Disclosure: The outcome of any financial advice given to a client is unique to each customer.  Nothing relating to any client's case is indicative nor a guarantee of future investment performance, tax savings, or any other financial benefits.  

Properly Managing Inherited Stock

Properly Managing Inherited Stock


A retired couple are inheritors of stock in a large publicly held corporation which eventually totaled some 35% of their net worth at a very low-cost basis. They needed both professional management and tax strategies to ensure the assets transferred to their heirs optimally.  

They wanted to eliminate the inherently expensive and conflicting trust and investment management roles of the bank and examine and expand estate sheltering of estate assets. They also wanted to generate higher current income while managing the transition from concentrated position risk while minimizing tax impacts.